Sustainable development through holistic education

Making a difference

The Imperial and Ukhamba Community Development Trust recognises that each child in South Africa is entitled to a good quality education, to help them escape the bonds of poverty and hopelessness.

Our primary aim is to assist selected schools in previously disadvantaged communities, with curriculum development and extracurricular activities, so that these institutions can provide the learners with a well balanced holistic education, that empowers them to reach their educational and personal potential, while nurturing their self confidence and self esteem.

The achievements of the Trust and the seven schools it has adopted bears testament to what can be done when people come together with one goal – to better the lives of others. Johnson Njeke, Trust Chairman


The Imperial and Ukhamba Community Development Trust was the brainchild of Imperial Holdings Ltd founder, the late Bill Lynch, and was established in 2003. The founding donation was R3,3 million, comprising a 6% share holding in Ukhamba Holdings and R1 million in cash to facilitate teaching mathematics, science and english at schools in disadvantaged communities.

Together with Imperial Holding’s financial director, Hafiz Mahomed, Bill set out to structure an empowerment deal which would have an entity through which Imperial Holdings could support education in poor communities.

The Trust adopted its first school in 2005 and today assists seven schools in informal settlements south of Johannesburg. Although the initial involvement was only at primary school level this has been extended to three high schools so that the children we help at primary school level also have the opportunity to excel in high school.

In the five years since we started working with our adopted schools, the Trust has made significant steps towards developing a group of learners who have hope because they have a quality education.

We are very proud of the remarkable improvements in the standard of education provided for the learners at our schools. The teachers’ training in natural science, mathematics and literacy has impacted on their growth and confidence as educators, which in turn impacts on the results produced by the learners.

The Trust has not only offered Imperial the opportunity to give back to our communities but it has provided an opportunity for our staff to be involved. Our people are regularly involved in staff volunteer days where they come to meet the learners and educators and to interact with them through reading and playing sport.

When the late Bill Lynch created the Trust, his vision was to give hope to those who need it most by improving their lives and prospects through education. I am pleased to say that this dream is
well on its way to being fulfilled. My sincere thanks to the Trustees and the Project Manager for their dedication and commitment to the Trust's activities.

Hubert Brody, CEO IMPERIAL Holdings